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Outpatient Medical Consultation
  • ​Medicine​
  • Pediatrics
  • Ear Nose Throat

Minor Surgical Procedures

Wound Care and Dressing

Minor Ear Procedures​

Medical Certificates

International Health Travel Insurance
      In co-operation with worldwide insurance companies with their respective insurance providers,​
  • SOS International
  • April Assistance Thailand                             
  • Asian Assistance Thailand
  • Euro-Center Thailand
  • Falck Global Assistance
  • Gouda Travel Insurance
  • Savitar Group
  • GVA Group
  • Remed Assistance
  • Best Service Assistance
     Insurance Cashless Service
           Please present the following at the clinic,
  • Passport with immigration card
  • Copy of the insurance policy or card with policy no. and expiry date

In case of unable to access cashless service, the clinic will issue a medical certificate and receipt for reimbursement. You may contact your agent directly or your insurance company for pre-authorization prior to consultation, thus it will help you to more smooth processing in receiving your claim approval.

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