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    Dr. Sonita Clinic is a team of highly qualified and caring doctors in Kamala that provides excellent medical outpatient services.​

    Dr. Sonita Clinic an outpatient medical facility has been providing quality medical services for more than ten years mostly to foreign tourists. It is a team of doctors in Kamala from medicine, pediatrics and ear nose throat with certified specialty and years of experience in medical tourism. Our team is committed to providing excellent and compassionate service.

Highly qualified and caring physician team
Dr. Sonita Kasayapanand
Primary Care and Internal Medicine
Dr. Sataporn Chaiyakul
Primary Care and Internal Medicine
Dr. Pluemjit Tankee
Primary Care and Internal Medicine
Dr. Wittawat Kasayapanand
Primary Care and Psychiatry
Dr. Peapipat Anantathanapat 
Primary Care 
Dr. Chansin Chantreerat
Primary Care and Pediatrics
Dr. Prichaya Chansaksung
Primary Care and Ear Nose Throat
Dr. Pongkrit Kanjanapinit
Primary Care and Ear Nose Throat

Kamala is on the west coast of Phuket, just to the north of Patong, and immediately south of Surin Beach. 

Kamala is easily walkable. You can also rent motorbikes or even pedal bicycles at several shops.

The only public transportation are the blue songthaews that run north and east toward Surin Beach and Phuket Town, which can be caught from the beach road in Kamala or a bit north on the main road just outside the Kamala Post Office.

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